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My beautiful anniversary artwork specially created to mark my first year as a full-time artist!

Original work on wooden panel (birch). Created from coffee, Indian ink and white acrylic. Gold leaf is applied to give the work its reflections which evolve depending on the time of day!

Format 36''x36'', gallery cherry panel.

It represents the whole journey that I have taken to get here. She represents a strong and determined woman. It also represents the horizon of the river of infinite possibilities still unexplored. The mountains are my dreams, which I always keep big enough not to lose sight of them. And the birds represent my new freedom. A flight always accompanied by my friend, who helps me fly higher and who catches me in case of turbulence


*Free delivery everywhere in Quebec!*

For the people of Baie-Comeau : I am contacting you to personally deliver to your home!

A life-size dream

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