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For your wedding

Original invitation service!!!

Each invitation becomes a 5x7'' work to frame for your guests! Choose the illustration and model then get in touch with us!

Important note: Announcements must be ordered at least 6 months in advance.

illustration 2
illustration 3
Illustration 1

Choice of 3 illustrations

Modèle 1
Modèle 2
Modèle 3

Choice of 3 graphics

Modèle 1
Modèle 2
Modèle 3

Each graphic includes the answer card!

Important information:

Once the model and quantity have been chosen, a contract must be signed between the artist and the client as well as a 25% deposit before continuing with the customization service.

Once the invitations have been ordered by the artist, no refunds are possible.

Please contact us at least 6 months in advance to have your order prepared.

Illustrations are copyrighted and no copies or photos may be made.

To add magic!


Anne-Sophie - Virtual assistant

Good morning! I will be the one to discuss with you your preferences and the personalization of your invitations! Contact us to get started!
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